A GIE created by Mrs FORSTER since 2006, representing associations and cooperatives of producers, specialized in the processing and export of natural products from the farm and the orchard.


We provide the best quality products
100% Natural.

We have been present on the Senegalese market for ten years, Arsa markets organic and natural products, ranging from natural fruit syrups to canned vegetables, including spices, dried shrimps, peanuts and quality dairy products with the ABEL brand. .

Its mixed vegetables, chilli puree, pickles and thioclisse, produced and packaged in a completely traditional way without the addition of chemicals, retain the good taste and nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables for the greatest pleasure of gourmets.

ARSA is a model of integrated farm in Senegal and known to all for the quality of its products, through a partnership with a recognized laboratory.

Our mission

Our primary mission remains the transmission of taste with 100% natural local products that meet eco-responsible expectations by marketing accessible products with irreproachable freshness and consistency to help people eat well, better, organic and eat local.
at abel food find all our products in all supermarkets: exclusive hypermarkets (VDN, YOFF), sen teranga (cité alioune sow, mariste, touba, kaolack…) shell stations (fair, diamalaye, pikine, point e…) , the pridoux (yoff ocean, Marist, plots u26, point e…), etc.

Treat and Control for you

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elimane Forster

Manager Director

Les fondateurs

Awa Sarr

Elimane Forster

Babacar Forster